( STU-401: Basic Skills in Microsoft Word Online )

About avatar

The game allows you to choose or change your avatar whenever you want. When the icon shown on the side appears, it means that you have not yet chosen your, by clicking on it or on your avatar, it takes you to the Avatar Selection page, just click on the desired avatar to make your choice.

Avatar tips :
- You can only change your avatar on the homepage or the dashboard page!
- The Gray-tone avatar will only be available when you reach the required level!

Player Information

By clicking on the player information icon you can see what your situation (Rating, Score and Level) in each course that is registered, that uses the Block Game plugin! You can still know your situation in the ambinte as a whole (General). And at the end it shows when badges the player has already won!

About points

The game has a scoring system because the score of the player will define their rank and the level that is. So it is very important that you know how to earn points to improve your placement and your level.

How to get points:

Activity Points - when doing the proposed activities in the courses that are enrolled, the grade achieved will be converted into points of the game! So get the best grades in the activities to earn more points!

Points for completion of activities/resources - when completing the activities/resources proposed in the courses you are enrolled in, a score can be assigned, as defined by the teacher! So be sure to complete all course activities/resources to earn more points!

Scoring for section completion - When you have completed all the activities provided for in a section, you will be able to receive a score! See how many points you can earn in each section:
- Section Completion Points 0: 20pts
- Section Completion Points 1: 20pts
- Section Completion Points 2: 100pts
- Section Completion Points 3: 100pts
- Section Completion Points 4: 100pts
- Section Completion Points 5: 100pts

About Classification

Your position in relation to other players is calculated by the total number of points you have reached. This position can vary within the courses, in the areas out of the course the position is calculated by adding up the points earned in the courses you are enrolled in and out of them (General)!

Ranking list - The ranking list displays not only your position but also that of other players, following the tiebreaker criteria. In this listing you can see the position, the avatar and their respective score! The player name is not shown, preserving the player identity!

Tiebreaker Criteria - The total of points defines the classification of the users, but in some situations this total may be the same as other players with a tie occurring, in this case the players position is defined as following the following criteria:

- The player with the highest earned badge score;
- The player with the highest score achieved by activities;
- The player with the highest score for completing activities/resources;
- The oldest player in the environment, that is, who was registered first.

About Level

The player level is defined by the total score he reached! We can say that the higher the level reached, the greater is your degree of maturity in the game! In the game the level is also used to release avatars that are initially blocked. The more you participate in the courses, the more points you earn and consequently you will reach higher levels!

See the score needed to reach each level:

- Level 1: 300pts
- Level 2: 500pts
- Level 3: 1000pts
- Level 4: 2000pts
- Level 5: 4000pts
- Level 6: 6000pts

The progress bar indicates how much is left to reach the next level.