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    Welcome to the Advanced MS Word course. 

    By enrolling in this course, you've reached a significant milestone in your academic career - congratulations!   


    Embarking on a dissertation journey can be simultaneously overwhelming and exhilarating. But, with the correct tools at your disposal, you can smoothly navigate through the process.

    Our course is designed to help you create a 'dissertation toolkit' through an engaging, activity-oriented approach. The skills you acquire here will equip you to present your dissertation in a manner that is straightforward, succinct, and logically structured.

    Assuming your registration in this course is tied to the requirement of a dissertation for your degree (and ideally, it's not due in a week!), you might be wondering, 'Where do I begin?'. Don't fret, the introductory video below will guide you into our course, addressing your queries and providing a clearer direction!

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