• 1. Getting Started

    In this OER you will learn about word processing with the popular word processor programme, Microsoft Word. We will be learning MS Word through a practical tutorial and will be covering the additional skills, terminology and requirements as we progress.

    You will be able to

    • Use Office 365 to create and access your account. 
    • Setup and work in OneDrive 
    • Distinguish between the MS Word online and desktop versions
    • Understand Word interface and how to navigate it.
    • How to do the following with Word:
    • Create and save new documents. 
    • Type and edit a document.
    • Insert and edit images as well as tables.
    • Check for spelling and grammar mistakes.
    • Structure and format of a document. 
    • Format text.
    • Insert Header, footers and page numbers.
    • Sharing a document
    • Download a pdf
    • Save a document as a PDF file.

    What you will create

    You will create an assignment outline which will allow you to acquire the necessary skills to use MS Word. The document can also be used as a template for future assignments.

    Note: This is only an example of an assignment outline and you should always consult your university or college requirements.


    To complete the activities in this unit, you will require the following knowledge and skills:

    • Basic computer terminology.
    • Typing and basic keyboard shortcuts.
    • Skills to work with an operating system and its respective file repositories.
    • Working with an internet browser such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

    If you are unfamiliar with any of these, please complete the units on Digital Terminology and Search & Referencing before continuing.


    To complete the activities in this unit, you will require the following:

    • Access to the internet.
    • Access to an Office 365 account. (A link to create a free Microsoft account is provided under the Office 365 section)
    • Desktop, laptop or tablet with a keyboard (In the activities it is assumed that you are using a physical keyboard, but you can complete the activities with a digital keyboard.)

  • Welcome

  • What is Microsoft 365

  • What is OneDrive

  • What is Microsoft Word

  • Creating an Assignment with Word Online