• Before we create a Word document, we will need a place to store our documents. OneDrive is the default location for storing online Word documents and is also recommended when using the desktop version of Word.

    OneDrive is an online storage space much like a USB flash drive or hard drive that is hosted on the internet. The best is to approach OneDrive as you would approach a USB flash drive in terms of creating and editing files and folders.

    The benefits of OneDrive over conventional storage mediums are that files:

    • Are secure.
    • Can be accessed from different devices.
    • Can be recovered when conventional storage fails.
    • Can be shared and collaboration is easy.
    • Are version controlled so an earlier version can easily be retrieved.

    In this module we will only set the correct regional settings and introduce creating files and folders in OneDrive to ensure you can complete the Word sections.


    Please complete the following activities in order:

  • Welcome

  • Getting Started

  • What is Microsoft 365

  • What is Microsoft Word

  • Creating an Assignment with Word Online