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    Welcome to the exciting workshop series on Microsoft 365.

    By gaining a deeper understanding of Microsoft 365 productivity apps, you will be able to excel in your studies, and you can showcase your skills and knowledge on your CV, making you stand out to potential employers. Microsoft 365 apps are widely used in online learning, and gaining proficiency in them can assist you in becoming a successful online learner and open doors to new opportunities.

    Our World has changed and so we must change with it!  The way we learn has changed to remote and hybrid learning or blended learning.  Devices that we use for learning needs to be dedicated to fostering collaboration with Lecturers, peers, colleagues and educators

    The key outcomes of this open online course include the following:

    GOAL 01 - Understanding Basic Digital Literacy

    GOAL 02 - Discovering Microsoft 365 Productivity and Collaboration Apps

    • Office 365 productivity apps
    • Enrich learning with OneNote and Edge
    • Collaborate online

    GOAL 03: Exploring more accessible learning tools to make your student journey easier

    • Advanced productivity features
    • Accessibility features
    • The inclusive classroom

    Click here for more information on the learning path

    The workshop series will take place over 5 days, face-to-face and online.

    For any additional information, please contact ADOVH@unisa.ac.za

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